[Setup] Install on SLES with Apache

chris chris at eehmke.de
Sat Mar 12 00:51:15 UTC 2011

cmaughan wrote:

> I am attempting to install Plone on a SLES Linux machine which previously
> had
> Concrete5 installed (I didn't like that CMS nearly as much as Plone).  I
> have a DNS name that I would like to use so that co-workers can access my
> Plone site without having to have the port or the /Plone at the end of the
> name.  I cannot seem to get this working.  I am fairly new to Plone (at
> least to the install process).  I can get it to work if I type in the IP
> Address of the machine and port number, but not just the dns name.  What
> do I need to do?

I think you need to setup a Virtual Host in the Apache configuration, thats 
the standard solution to have one or more Plone Portals run behind Apache. 
Here is a starting point:

Leave out the https parts in the beginning, you can add them later if you 
need https at all. Watch for the port number used (in this example 10080) at 
localhost, in a standard plone setup it's localhost:8080. After the setup is 
running, you can even close that port in the firewall (if one exists), it is 
not used external anymore. The virtual host is addressed by port 80 as 
usual, and will forward all requests to your plone instance.

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