[Setup] Migrating members from one instance to the other

chris chris at eehmke.de
Fri Mar 11 22:35:49 UTC 2011

Laurence Rowe wrote:

> taito wrote:
>> What is the best practice to migrate members from one instance to the
>> other which are located in the same zope instance?
>> I need member password and roles to be migrated.
>> Plone version 2.5.5
> Copying and pasting acl_users between the instances should do the right
> thing, but you'll need to test it to be sure. Member properties (full
> name, email address, etc) are stored in portal_memberdata not in
> acl_users, so you might want to copy and paste that too.

Anyway, how should I copy & paste? I tried to export/import via ZMI, but 
ended up with all members orphaned in portal_memberdata. How to do it right?

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