[Setup] Migrating members from one instance to the other

Taito Horiuchi taito.horiuchi at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 16:57:56 UTC 2011

> Copying and pasting acl_users between the instances should do the right
> thing, but you'll need to test it to be sure. Member properties (full name,
> email address, etc) are stored in portal_memberdata not in acl_users, so you
> might want to copy and paste that too.

Thanks for the advice.

Well, actually one instance already has its own members and the other
also has other members.
So copy and paste portal_memberdata and acl_users does not solve this issue.

I should have said that how I can merge members between two plone instances.

Is password stored under acl_users since it could not be fetched from

If I can manage to merge members (maybe users?) then I can relate
memberdata based on member ids later on.

>> Hello,
>> What is the best practice to migrate members from one instance to the
>> other which are located in the same zope instance?
>> I need member password and roles to be migrated.
>> Plone version 2.5.5

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