[Setup] Multiple Plone sites in development and deployment

Giovanni Toffoli toffoli at uni.net
Fri Mar 11 12:40:24 UTC 2011

Thank you Encolpe.
After understanding better the buildout general structure, now I also am 
convinced that in production it isn't convenient to fit more sites in the 
same buildout.
It is easy to share physically most of the recipes and eggs of Zope and 
Plone, keeping separate buildouts, instances and databases.
No problem in fulfilling my requirement of having, for each site, the same 
.fs name and physical path as in a multi-site development buildout..
As to RelStorage, I'll have a look in the future.

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Le 09/03/2011 00:02, Giovanni Toffoli a écrit :
> Thank you Larry, but my case was a bit different. Usually we don't
> need staging, but have different configurations for  development and
> production in distinct servers.
> In development it is usual for us to have one big Zope instance
> without Zeo, with 5-10 sites in as many mount-points. The buildout
> includes a lot of Plone extensions addressing the needs of a wide
> range of sites/applications.
> In production I want to have, say, 2 sites, sharing much of the
> software, in the same installation (same buildout), out of the many
> sites we have in development.
> For each site I plan to have:
> - 1 root ZODB
> - 1 mount-point, with the same folder name and file name than in the
> development environment
> - 1 Zeo server
> - 1-2 or more Zeo clients.
> The problem is that a single buildout cannot handle more than one Zeo
> server, due to a limitation of the recipe collective.recipe.filestorage.

The major point of failure we experienced with such an architecture was
is a site is overloaded all others will be slowdown or worse with the
first one.
Why not to run a paster for each site and use RelStorage as ZODB backend ?


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