[Setup] Plone on the cloud: how to keep it simple but modular ?

Giovanni Toffoli toffoli at uni.net
Wed Mar 2 09:48:35 UTC 2011

Thank you Suresh. I will try sticky Nginx.

Thanks also to Alex.
> not sure what you mean by implementation [of the allocation of the Zeo 
> clients]
Yes, I was wondering which is the best way of customizing Buildout for my 
case: don't know how to adapt to Plone 4 (blobstorage) the second part of 
the following article:

I think that the ZODB must be managed by one ZeoServer, even if it is 
extended with a few mount-points. Thus, the current scenario would include:
- sticky Nginx
- ZODB with 2-3 mount-points, one per Plone site
- ZeoServer
- at least 2 Zeo clients.

As to the Zeo clients, is the hypothesis below reasonable?
- anonymous user: one client per each semi-critical site, one for all the 
other sites
- authenticated user: one client for all sites.

Thank you again, Giovanni

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> Giovanni Toffoli wrote:
>> http://nathanvangheem.com/news/nginx-with-built-in-load-balancing-and-caching
>> My questions:
>> - is Nginx + Varnish ok?
> 1. All you need is nginx. You have the correct reference. sticky nginx 
> works great.
>> - how to allocate Zeo clients? per site, class of user, both?
>> - how to implement the allocation of the Zeo clients?
> Use a fixed number of ZEO clients and let nginx with sticky handle the 
> allocation.
> Suresh
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