[Setup] Migrating content from 2.5 to recent using transmogrifier

Martin Weigele martin at weigele.de
Wed Mar 2 00:13:53 UTC 2011

Ok back to the list. Still content export from 2.5


it says under section 2, "content export": "Add CMF Setup Tool in the site" 
[to be exported] which will  be added with portal_setup name.

OK I was able to add a CMF Site (there is Zope Product CMF Setup Tool but no 
such thing that could be added within the Plone site, so I added a CMF site 
instead) and later changed its type from CMF site to transmogrifier, and 
continued to follow the instructions. However I can only export a minimal 
content tgz file, except for some top level files, the content is not exported. 
I tried both with and without the special simpleblog2quill version. The latter 

Am I missing out some important background information? Your help is much 
appreciated. Thx.

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