[Setup] Migrating content from 2.5 to recent using transmogrifier

Martin Weigele martin at weigele.de
Mon Feb 28 23:50:20 UTC 2011

Hi have been trying to transmogrify the content of a 2.5 Plone site upwards 
following closely the description at


which is however designed for Plone 2.1 

In the end, the start of the instance with bin/instance fg always results in 
the following error messages: 

bin/runzope -X debug-mode=on
2011-03-01 00:10:56 INFO ZServer HTTP server started at Tue Mar  1 00:10:56 
	Port: 8080
2011-03-01 00:10:56 ERROR PortalTransforms Problem importing module safe_html 
: No module named bbb.OFS_interfaces

similar message repeated until it exits and backtraces. The site contains a 
couple of products that cannot be migrated directly, in particular 
quintagroups version of simple blog. Ideally I want to reach 4.0 and get rid 
of a specific blog product but keep historical urls intact.

Any idea how this could be fixed? 

Thanks, Martin

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