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BamHI www.bamhi at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 15:46:38 UTC 2011

Mikko Ohtamaa <mikko+plone at ...> writes:

> BamHI wrote:
> > 
> > I have the same problem on a LINUX installation. When we upgrade our 3.3.5 
> > site to 4.0.2 some (not all)  of our pictures used on the site 'disappear'
> > they
> > show up as "?" marks. I am not sure this is a PIL issue 
> > but PIL also do not show up under site-setup where the 
> > python/plone/zope versions are listed. At least in 335 this list used to
> > include PIL, this could be a 4.0.2 change though.
> > 
> How did you upgrade?

Hi Mikko,

I installed a completely clean Plone-4.0.3 using the unified installer, 
no hickups and it indeed states PIL-1.1.6 is installed. It did say it skipped
libjpeg compilation as they are already on the systems (x64).

Then i copy the Data.fs from a production 3.3.5 site into filestorage and 
change the ownership to plone  (used to be zeo in the 3.3.5) and launch
 the management interface, then perform a upgrade using the migration 
tool....which upgrades the site to 4016 with no issues posted in the zope 
interface. After that  when i goto the site it got two issues... the one with 
some of the images not showing and if i change to  the sunburn theme the
background is suddenly gray color instead of the white one on a virgin 4.0.3 

not sure the two are correlated but still odd.

PS: If I load the python26 manually and do so from the eggs/PIL directory i 
can perform tests on loading  PIL and jpg handling on the site you listed 
without any errors.


> Here are generic instructions to debug *why* PIL is not loaded:
> http://collective-docs.plone.org/troubleshooting/images.html
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