[Setup] How do you know a hotfix patch has become part of the release (2nd try)

Martin Weigele martin at weigele.de
Thu Feb 10 11:45:24 UTC 2011

Am Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011, um 10:05:57 schrieb mgw:
> My apologies for this however now updated post for the 2nd time, but
> somehow the first did not make it to the mailing list
> In particular, is hotfix CVE-2011-0720 still needed for Plone 4.0.3 ? Fixes
> in the history usually refer only to ticket numbers, but not hotfixes (?).
> Yes from what is written down on plone.org about the hot fix, it should not
> be included in 4.0.3.
> However a virginal 4.0.3 unified installation on Mac OS X does no longer
> start up after including the eggified hotfix in buildout.cfg and running
> buildout -Nv according to the instructions.

OK the answer lies here:

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