[Setup] Re: zeoserver tracebacks following SIGTERM: Error saving index on close() or failed to close storage

Graham Perrin G.J.Perrin at bton.ac.uk
Sun Feb 21 08:50:09 UTC 2010

Graham Perrin wrote:
> temporarily set aside the launchd approach in favour of legacy 
> /Library/StartupItems/Plone

zeoserver errors at SIGTERM time are easily reproducible if I: 

1. move /Library/StartupItems/Plone to /Library/StartupItems\

2. enable the ZEO cluster-related files at /Library/LaunchDaemons

3. manually stop client2, client1 then zeoserver

4. restart the OS, allow time for the ZEO cluster to serve pages

5. restart the OS.

I suspect a bug in zeoserver-related processes responding to SIGTERM in this

Either that, or the Plone-specific scripts relating to those processes
should be modernised for Apple's recommended approach. Either way: failures
to close storage, and errors saving index, are undesirable. 

Supporting notes at


> having the whole caboodle on a separate volume

Location on that separate volume, a flash drive, is not a problem when
legacy SystemStarter commands 
plonectl start 
automatically at OS startup time. 

(If that's not done automatically at that time, if I manually command 
sudo SystemStarter -v start Plone
then there may be problems with zeoserver when the OS is restarted, but for
the moment I treat that as separate from this issue.)


Incidentally my /Library/StartupItems/Plone/Plone 
is extended slightly from the norm — to handle client2, client1 and
zeoserver in order:  


# Plone Server -- Cluster Configuration

. /etc/rc.common

StartService ()
    echo "Starting Plone"
	/Applications/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl start

StopService ()
	echo "Stopping Plone"
	/Applications/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl client2 stop
	/Applications/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl client1 stop
	/Applications/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl zeoserver stop

RestartService ()
    echo "Restarting Plone"
	/Applications/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl client2 stop
	/Applications/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl client1 stop
	/Applications/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl zeoserver stop
	/Applications/Plone/zeocluster/bin/plonectl start

RunService "$1"
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