[Setup] Re: buildout: register ZCML slugs other than 'configure', 'meta' or 'overrides'

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Wed Feb 10 14:05:47 UTC 2010

Dominik wrote:
> Hi,
> to activate iw.fss for the standard plone content type file, image and news
> item the documentation recommends to add a slug with the line
> <include package="iw.fss" file="atct.zcml" />
> My idea was to add the line
> zcml += iw.fss-atct
> to my buildout.cfg so I don't have to create the file by hand.
> But this dosn't work since plone.recipe-zope2instance only allows
> 'configure', 'meta' or 'overrides' zcml files and throws an exception
>   File
> "\buildout-cache\eggs\plone.recipe.zope2instance-3.3-py2.4.egg\plone\recipe\zope2
> instance\__init__.py", line 655, in build_package_includes
>     raise ValueError('Invalid zcml', orig)
> ValueError: ('Invalid zcml', 'iw.fss-profiles')
> So now my question is "is there an other way to create the slug with
> buildout"?

Not that I would know.

But as soon as you have your own site/customization/whatever product
you could simply add that line to your own package's configure.zcml


> thanks in advance
> dominik

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