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Gleisson Henrique gleissonbr at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 15:12:24 UTC 2009

Hello  everyone!!!!

   On my site's home folder, I have a collection page and I set it to be the
navigation object of the folder when
the user navigate to the home. The collections shows the last documents
added to the site in the last three days.
I have some text there but nothing important. Now my boss wants the logo of
the company on the home page
(the collection) watermarked on the background. I am not a hmtl or css
developer. I was able to upload the watermarked
logo to the page of the collection but the text doesn't couldn't overwrites
the image. I am only able to set it as left, top,
bottom o right justified but not able to write text over the image. My
question is could I add some html tag so I am able
to do this ? If not, is changing the default template the way to go ? But
wouldn't changing the default template affect all
collections? I only want to the for the collection that I use on my home

thanks all!!!!
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