[Setup] Question about ZopeSkel and pastescript versions

rcecil rob.cecil at gmail.com
Sat May 30 01:07:57 UTC 2009


I recently transitioning over from using Windows to Mac OS X for my plone
development. I have always used paster/ZopeSkel to build my plone sites, so
I am somewhat familiar with the details of the tools. I have used paster for
: plone3_buildout, plone3_theme, archetype, and have used "local commands"
to build archetypes (paster addcontent contenttype, paster addcontent

I've just noticed that since switching over, the prompts for "paster
addcontent atschema" are quite different from what I am used to.

When I type paster --version, I get

robert-cecils-macbook-pro-17:~ rcecil$ paster --version
PasteScript 1.6.2 from
(python 2.4.4 (#1, Oct 18 2006, 10:34:39))
robert-cecils-macbook-pro-17:~ rcecil$

When I lookup the Pastescript website, the current version is now 1.7.2. Not
sure if I should be concerned. Also, I noticed when I try "easy_install
ZopeSkel" it is retrieving version 1.10 of ZopeSkel, whereas on the
cheeseshop, ZopeSkel lists a much higher version (2.11.10).

Any ideas why I am seeing a discrepancy?

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