[Setup] How to create a SubSkinIII preset product?

Mirto Silvio Busico mirtosilvio.busico at fastwebnet.it
Fri May 29 12:22:50 UTC 2009

Hi all,
I'm fighting with the buildout metod of development.

I need to create a subskiniii based theme.

I have a buildout installation obtained through universal installer.
I added to the buildout th 2 required products:


all went fine and I'm able to use the subskin preset.

Now I want to add my own preset.
In the past I simply cheated the files in the Product/SubSkins 
subdirectories. Now I'm lost.

The subskinii subdirectories are located in 

I suppose that a buildout-cache should never be altered.

So I suppose I have to create a new theme product based on subskiniii; 
but I was unable to find any how-to.

I looked in:


Where can I look for instructions?


P.S. if this is not the rigth mailing list, please tell me

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