[Setup] Re: Help with "ValueError: The property wysiwyg_editor does not exist" greatly appreciated

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Wed May 27 07:57:45 UTC 2009

DUWayne R Holsbeck wrote:
> Ok so I screwed up and tried installing LDAPUserFolder in a Plone site,
> even when told not too :-(
> "
>   **NOTE**: Do not install the CMFLDAP extensions into a Plone site. 
>   They are meant for pure CMF sites only and will break Plone. You have 
>   been warned!
> "
> Is there anyway to recover? If I delete the LDAP stuff from buildout.cfg
> and rebuild, I can get the front page back, but get the wysiwyg_editor
> error when trying to login.


Seems like you lost a member property that Plone expects
to exist. One way to recover could be:

Log into ZMI (guess you can do that still).
At Zope root create another Plone site (select it
from the add drop-down). Browse into it and look
for the 'portal_memberdata' tool, in particular
look at its properties.

Compare that to the properties on your broken Plone
site (in ZMI). Add everything you see missing.

Does that help?


> Any help would be greatly appreciated
> Setup
> Plone 3.2 installed with Plone-3.2.1r4-UnifiedInstaller
> Cheers
> DuWayne

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