[Setup] Kupu Error while installing RichDocument

Ignotus paul-hertz at northwestern.edu
Tue May 19 17:09:22 UTC 2009

Attempts to install the "Optilux Policy Site" using the code in chapter 8 of
Martin Aspeli's book will fail with an error thrown by kupu, typically:

Request URL  
Exception Type 	KupuError
Exception Value 	Resource type: linkable, invalid type: RichDocument

This problem is documented in Mr. Aspeli's documentation for RichDocument at
http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/richdocument/kupu and on this forum,
but not in the book. 

In the Plone forums, people who encountered this problem recommended
uninstalling the entire "optilux" Plone site, then reinstalling. That
probably isn't enough. The kupu incompatibility needs to be fixed, too.

My solution: 

In ZMI, uninstall the optilux site.

Append the following to
optilux/parts/productdistros/RichDocument/Extensions/Install.py (the
RichDocument install script), at the end of the install function:

	# kupu tool reconfig, see
    kupuTool = getToolByName(self, 'kupu_library_tool')
    linkable = list(kupuTool.getPortalTypesForResourceType('linkable'))
    mediaobject =
    if 'FileAttachment' not in linkable:

    if 'ImageAttachment' not in linkable:
    if 'RichDocument' not in linkable:
    if 'ImageAttachment' not in mediaobject:

    # kupu_library_tool has an idiotic interface, basically written purely
    # work with its configuration page. :-(
    kupuTool.updateResourceTypes(({'resource_type' : 'linkable',
                                   'old_type'      : 'linkable',
                                   'portal_types'  :  linkable},
                                  {'resource_type' : 'mediaobject',
                                   'old_type'      : 'mediaobject',
                                   'portal_types'  :  mediaobject},))
    # end kupu reconfig

Note that this differs slightly from the script on the RichDocument site. It
takes into account recommendations from the comments.

Run buildout.
Run tests, just to be sure everything is working.


Install the "optilux" site in ZMI.
In the Site Setup: Add-on Products, add (in this order):

Attachment Support
Optilux Site Policy
Optilux Theme

Mr. Aspeli does not make it altogether clear in his book that Attachment
Support and RichDocument need to be added in this way. As far as I can tell,
they do, or adding the Optilux Site Policy will throw an error. 

If you uninstall all these products, you evidently have to reinstall from
scratch again--all the way back in ZMI. If you leave Attachment Support
installed, you can apparently reinstall the products through Plone.

I hope this proves useful.

-- Paul

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