[Setup] advise needed- existing plone3 site to use ldap

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Fri May 1 23:25:26 UTC 2009


Your best best is to reproduce the same users in your LDAP container. Plone
won't care where they came from, and it doesn't have a SID or underlying
unique code for the user. Stuart in plone = Stuart in LDAP. (Case sensitive,

By adding an LDAP container, your current Plone permissions won't go away
(just don't delete the user folder in acl_users!) So it should be easy to
test: add a new user in Plone, have them create some-content, now delete
them in Plone and add them in LDAP, see if they can still manage


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Stuart L. Marshall wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a "mature" plone site.  Users, groups, content going
> back a few years.  Currently at 3.1.  Actually a few plone sites.
> I plan to move from the built-in plone user/group authentication
> and information to LDAP.
> I expect to use plone.app.ldap to manage the LDAP.
> My question, is what is the smoothest way to manage the transistion.
> For example, if we move a user's info from plone to ldap, how to
> preserve the permissions and meta-data on content within the plone
> site.  If a particular user/group has security information set, like
> a private folder, I don't want to loose that.

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