[Setup] Plone 3 & LDAP with remote server; what to install

Noisy1 cguers at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 29 22:04:38 UTC 2009


I have no idea how or what changed, but here is what I did. Given all the headaches I was getting with LDAP and the fact that this piece isonly a component I will need, but not the main component I decided to leave the LDAP configuration for later and move on. 

1. I commented out any reference to plone.app.ldap and python-ldap. However, I left both sections [openldap] and [python-ldap] active (ie no comments on those). I thought that if there were no recipes, eggs or anything that made reference to them, they would not be used.
2. I then ran bin/bildout
3. The buildout process started printing out a LOT of lines. I looked closer and all of them reference openldap (!!!). However, after several minutes, make on openldap failed as it could not find soelim . I did some googling and found out it is a command that's used in some scripts. Apparently, given I am using Ubuntu JEOS  I did not have it installed.
4. With the help of a few kind souls in #ubuntu I found out that I was missing groff, so I went ahead and did a sudo apt-get install groff. This was very quick.
5. I reran bin/buildout and was happily surprised to see that openldap had been built!
6. I then edited my buildout.cfg file and un-commented the references to plone.app.ldap and python-ldap.
7. Again I reran bin/buildout and was happily surprised to see that completed without errors!
8. I restarted my plone instance (sudo bin/plonectl stop and sudo bin/plonectl start).
9. I logged it to Plone with my browser and EUREKA!! LDAP was now available and I could add it as an Add-on.

So... did I have to build openldap first before I referenced it as a product/egg in Plone? I am really not certain how this worked out in the end, but I am sure glad it did.

Just in case others out there are interested here is a copy of my current bildout.cfg .
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