[Setup] manage_updateSchema problems on migration

Marie Robichon robichon at esrf.fr
Fri Mar 27 08:20:59 UTC 2009


what is the correct order for updating products/migrating on a Plone 
2.1.4 - Plone 2.5.5 migration?

In a mail on the mailing list 
(http://markmail.org/message/g3mtxr7rrih7gm4i) talking about migration 
to Plone 2.1 someone says this:

1. If the site contains any AT objects:
a. Reinstall AT (plus PortalTransforms and MimetypesRegistry)
b. Run AT migration (includes schema Migration)
2. Migrate Plone
3. Migrate ATCT

However in the migration guide nothing is mentioned about the order in 
which things are to be done and in fact we did the following:

1. Migration Plone
2. Recatalogue ATCT
3. Migrate ATCT versions
4. Update schemas

However if follow this order and run a batch update schema on the many 
products checked as having old schemas in the archetype tool our initial 
folder display settings are not kept: folders lose their default page 
settings (unless they are forced as index_html) and are displayed in 
summary view.

On the update schema page it says "do this at your own risk".  But is 
this mandatory when doing a migration? If so, is there an order in which 
this should be done in order to keep the display settings?  If this is 
not mandatory what are the risks of our products not working if we don't 
do it? Or is there something that we have overlooked in the migration 

Thanks in advance for your help


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