[Setup] [Plone mailtoplone] Failed to drop email to InBox by Mailtoplone script dropemail

Jacky Wu only.for.maillist at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 09:35:21 UTC 2009

Dear All,

My environment:
plone 3.0.4 and
Zope 2.10.5-final,
python 2.4.4, (My system has a default Python 2.3.4.)
OS: Redhat linux.

It is difficult to install the mailtoplone.base and mailtoplone.contentrules
to the plone. I first use the eggs by:
# /opt/Plone-3.0.4/Python-2.4.4/bin/easy_install mailtoplone.base
# /opt/Plone-3.0.4/Python-2.4.4/bin/easy_install mailtoplone.contentrules

But the content type mailtoplone does not show up in the plone Add-on
products list. Then I copy the base and contentrules to the Plone instance
(zinstance) Products folder by:
# cp -pr
#  cp -pr

Finally, the two mailtoplone component showed up in the plone Add-on product
list, and then I install them. After that, I created a type
"mailtoplone.base: InBox" named globalinbox. The problem is that I failed to
drop email to globalinbox by the script dropemail. The following is the
result of running the script (the /var/spool/mail/plone is the email file):
# /opt/Plone-3.0.4/Python-2.4.4/bin/python

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "/opt/Plone-3.0.4/zinstance/Products/base/scripts/dropemail", line
84, in ?
 File "/opt/Plone-3.0.4/zinstance/Products/base/scripts/dropemail", line
80, in main
   raise e
xmlrpclib.Fault: <Fault -1: 'Unexpected Zope exception: zExceptions.NotFound
-    Site Error \n   An error was encountered while publishing this
resource.\n   \n    Resource not found  \n\n  Sorry, the requested resource
does not exist. Check the URL and try again.   Resource: \n   \n\n
Troubleshooting Suggestions \n\n   \n   The URL may be incorrect. \n   The
parameters passed to this resource may be incorrect. \n   A resource that
this resource relies on may be\n      encountering an error. \n   \n\n   For
more detailed information about the error, please\n  refer to the error
log.\n   \n\n   If the error persists please contact the site maintainer.\n
Thank you for your patience.\n   '>

I thought creating another "mailtoplone.base: InBox" type xmlrpcview can fix
the missing "Resource:",
but I was wrong. After creating the xmlrpcview, it showed missing "Resource:". Then I create the
"mailtoplone.base: InBox" type drop, but I was wrong again. It shows missing
Then I created the "mailtoplone.base: InBox" type folder_listing, but I was
wrong again. It showed missing "Resource:",
and then I knew that I went to the wrong way.

Any hints are highly appreciated! Thank you!!

Best regards,

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