[Setup] Re: Migration from 2.53 to 3.2 leaves folders without all 5 tabs in Edit mode

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Wed Mar 4 08:46:39 UTC 2009

dthomas218, on 2009-03-03:
> I am trying to migrate content from Plone 2.53 to 3.2a, and their parent
> folders do *not* have all five tabs in edit mode:     
>     * Default
>     * Categorization
>     * Dates
>     * Ownership
>     * Settings
> Instead, they only have two tabs: Default and Metadata. 
> In addition, I get an error viewing an object in one of these migrated
> folders: KeyError: 'nextPreviousEnabled.' If I copy the object to a newly
> created folder, with all 5 tabs, the error goes away.

'nextPreviousEnabled' is a new attribute on Folders.  So the schema of
folders has changed.  This means that you need to do a schema update.
Follow these steps:

- Make a backup just in case something goes wrong.

- Go to the Zope Management Interface.

- Go to the archetype_tool.

- Go to the Update Schema tab.

- I expect several types to be selected there already.  Keep those
  selections and make sure that at least ATContentTypes.ATFolder is

- In the drop down box choose to update All objects.

- Select the 'Remove schema attributes from instances' checkbox.

- Click on Update schema.  Depending on how much content you have,
  this can take a while.

I'm not sure this helps with the two versus five tabs problem, but it
should at least fix the nextPreviousEnabled problem.

Good luck,

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