[Setup] Localised portlets with LinguaPlone?

Sander Marechal s.marechal at jejik.com
Wed Jul 29 16:23:09 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I have Plone 3.2.3 + LinguaPlone 3.0.2 installed. I have set it up to
serve one language per subdomain (i.e. nl.example.org, en.example.org,

I want to make a few portlets that are only visible in a single
language. They can be plain Rich Text portlets, but I want a different
one for each language.

Can this be done with LinguaPlone? Or with another Product that works
together with LinguaPlone?

Background: I have also installed Singing & Dancing to do newsletters
and I want a single newsletter (channel) per language. I can't use the
S&D portlet to let people sign up, so now I want to make a simple Rich
Text or HTML portlet for each language that contains a link to the
correct newsletter subscription page.

Thanks in advance!

Sander Marechal

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