[Setup] Plone Installation Buidout Problems in Windows XP

Larry Pitcher unclelarry at inlandnet.com
Tue Jul 14 16:43:49 UTC 2009

RRamki wrote:
> Hello
> I have a fairly good knowledge about Python and Zope. Recently I am planning
> to develop a Plone application for a bank. So I bought the excellent book
> Professional Plone Development by Martin Aspeli. My idea was to study the
> book and create the case study explained in the book to give me a basic
> knowledge about Plone application development. So first I installed Plone
> 3.2.3 on my XP SP2 m/c. Then I came to the first hurdle of Installing a
> buildout as outlined in the book. After some googling I got the excellent
> documentation Setting up Buildout Using the Windows Installer for Plone.
> When II was running the buildout step I had the following problems:
> 1. A few of the eggs being installed gave warning 'Return' out of the
> function body. 
> 2. Installing Zopesecurity failed as Visual Studio 7.5 was needed which I do
> not have and the buildout terminated.
> My first instinct was to try and bypass Zopesecurity but could not find how
> to do it. The second was to reinstall Plone 3.2.3 and only install the
> ZopeSkel and try to continue the instructions in the book of intalling the
> policy.
> But I am not sure what is to be done. Since I am fairly conversant with
> Python and Zope I feel this is only a starting problem. Any help will be
> highly appreciated.
> RRamki

You should use the Plone Windows Installer. After you've run the 
installer you can edit the buildout.cfg file, add zope instances, or 
whatever you wish. The technique is a bit different from installing 
buildout from ZopeSkel, but it all comes out the same :-)

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