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cewing cewing at u.washington.edu
Thu Jul 9 17:12:09 UTC 2009


I've interleaved some responses to your individual questions below:

articlewiki wrote:
> I'm a real, real newbie, I think Plone looks awesome, have searched
> everywhere including searching this forum plus the web for an idiots guide
> to installing and I can find anything. Its just so complicated, I'm not
> getting this one bit...........
That's okay, we're here to help :)

articlewiki wrote:
> The front page of this Plone site states:
> ''Plone is easy to install. You can install Plone with a click-and-run
> installer, and have a content management system running on your computer
> in just a few minutes.''
> Perhaps a little bit of an over exaggeration as:
> 1. What do you click to run the installer?
If you are on a Windows or Mac OS X Platform, you can download the
installers listed here:
Remember, for one-click installation you need to use either the Windows or
the Mac OS X installer, not the 'unified installer'.  In either case, once
the installer package has finished downloading to your local machine, simply
click on the installer (in the Mac case, it's an .mpkg, in the window's case
it's an .exe file).  From there, an installation wizard will walk you
through everything.  At the end you should end up with a nice GUI
application that lets you click to start up Plone.

articlewiki wrote:
> I have uploaded the unified installer and unpacked as per the
> instructions, now what? 
As with most *nix type packages, complete instructions are contained in the
file 'README.txt' file in the main package folder, you'll see it if you look
inside the folder that was created when you unpacked the package after

articlewiki wrote:
> 2. The guide also states:
> ''Crank up your platform's package manager and make sure you've got the
> following installed''
> How do I do this? 
The Unified Installer, as mentioned above, is _not_ a one-click system.  It
requires a bit of knowledge of command-line operations.  If you are not
familiar with package managers and how to use them, I'd suggest that you
stick with the one-click installers for now.  There's plenty of time to
learn about rpm, apt, fink, macports or any other packaging system once you
have a bit more under your belt.  'Till then, use the one-click installer
and have fun!

articlewiki wrote:
> PS Whilst this view may not be welcome at the forum, and I'm sorry if any
> offence is caused but the whole Plone setup seems to assume that people
> actually know what you're talking about in the documentation. I've been
> trying to install Plone for a couple of years on and off, and generally
> become very frustrated with the process and give up.
> Just thought I'd give the forum a look to see if anyone else can help
> before I give up again.
Actually, that view is pretty widespread even among the folks who work with
plone all the time.  We have a strong push going on to create more
newbie-friendly documentation, including pathways through documentation that
help you to understand what you should read first.  These should help you to
get started more easily.  In the meantime, please don't give up :)  We're
pretty friendly here and someone is always willing to lend a hand.

I hope this helps straighten some things out for you,


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