[Setup] Re: opensolaris install virtual/bare-metal diary

Dale DeWitt dewittdale at gmail.com
Sat Feb 28 23:50:31 UTC 2009

Another find of a different sort.  No results with the installer for
3.2.1 so I opted to copy from the virtualbox instance which has
installed just fine (from 3.1.7 to 3.2.1) . . . to bare-metal.  tar
cvzf and sftp but had to change to gtar since a checksum error was
cited upon tar xvzf  Learn by doing I guess.  Identical stock
Operating systems aside from the one being virtual. Python was
installed before the installer cried failure.  I forgot to copy the
exact message which cited a non existent detailed entry in the
install.log  Sorry.

On Jan 9, 11:52 am, "Steve McMahon" <st... at dcn.org> wrote:
> If the Unified Installer failed with a missing gcc message, that
> probably means that the command "which gcc" didn't turn up an
> executable. The most likely explanation is that gcc wasn't on the
> execution path for the invoking user. It's also possible, of course,
> that there's some logical error in the install.sh script in checking
> the "which" results. Let me know if you learn more!
> Steve
> On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 6:10 PM, Dale DeWitt <dewittd... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I had no problem using the standard 3.1.7 unified installer on an
> >opensolaris/virtualbox/windows.  But when using the same unified
> > installer onopensolaris/bare-metal . . . and a newly downloaded
> > unified installer, the scripts complained of gcc missing which wasn't
> > the case (identical package manager listings).  So the problem wasn't
> > with the installer.
> > I decided to copy the virtual plone instance over the network.  Done.
> > Then the daemon would kick off after saying it had started.
> > Disparate, I decided to force the unified installer on this copied
> > Plone-3.1 Standalone.  It got a few necessary steps in and then
> > logically aborted the installation.  That removed the auto stop cited
> > previous.
> > Voila, anopensolarisbare-metal installation by hook'n crook.
> > Anybody have a more formal logic why bare-metal and the unified
> > installer failed?   I'm hoping this terse diary isn't too vauge.
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