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Goran Sljivic sljivic at simet.hr
Fri Feb 27 13:28:09 UTC 2009

>    1. Re: Problem migration Plone 2.5.1 to 3.03 (Nick Davis)
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> Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 10:38:50 +0000
> From: Nick Davis <nd51 at leicester.ac.uk>
> Subject: [Setup] Re: Problem migration Plone 2.5.1 to 3.03
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> Goran Sljivic wrote:
>> Hello everyone
>> Have problem whit migration from subject.I was try with small step 
>> between Plone version example (from 2.5.1 to 2.5.2 from 2.5.2 to .2.5.3  
>> etc.):Last version in who I did migrate is Plone 2.5.5.But from any 
>> 2.5.x  version step in any 3.x version is impossible for me.Always same 
>> error: Sorry for possible grammar & typing mistakes.
> Hi Goran,
>     1. You may need to give us some more information -
> Please look in event.log and paste a fuller traceback if there is one.
Hi Nick

For first thank you for answer.Event.log send you in attach.
Orginal traceback is history:)My VMware machine  station with orginal 
traceback is crashdown.
Now is installed new one VMware WinXP station for test migration 
procedure.Event.log wich send you is newest attempt of migration.Now was 
try migrate from 2.5.1 to 3.0.3 version.Orginal Data.fs is from Debian 
Etch box.
WinXP VMware box using for attempts migration to higher versions of 
Plone.But I think is result of traceback same like previous.Same problem 

> 2. Also, what 3rd-party products do you have installed? And what 
> customisations have you made? Either 3rd-party products, or 
> customisations, are likely to be causing the problem.
Products in orginal site is:   Archetypes 1.4.1-final
                                               CMFPlacefulWorkflow 1.0.2
                                               MimetypesRegistry 1.4.1-final
                                               PasswordResetTool 0.4.1
                                               PortalTransforms 1.4.1-final
                                               kupu kupu 1.3.8

I was made change logo, change background color in custom Portal skin 
than I did try  folder icon replace with any other.And try to change 
favicon.In this moment only in use is changed logo different than 
classical Plone skin.

> 3. I don't know if this will help, but you could try first clearing and 
> rebuilding your catalog by going, in the ZMI, to portal_catalog, then to 
>   "advanced" tab, then click "clear and rebuild" button. This will take 
> a long time to run. Then see if migration works after that. (No gurantees).
Clearing and rebuilding it was first what I do in above order.I think it 
is visible in event.log.
Excuse for eventually language incorrections.

Best  Regards

Goran Sljivic,sistem-inzenjer
Metalurski fakultet u Sisku
Aleja narodnih heroja 3
44103 Sisak, p.p. br.1 

Goran Sljivic,system engineer
 University  of Zagreb
 Faculty of Metallurgy

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