[Setup] Problem migration Plone 2.5.1 to 3.03

Goran Sljivic sljivic at simet.hr
Thu Feb 26 07:00:54 UTC 2009

Hello everyone

Have problem whit migration from subject.I was try with small step 
between Plone version example (from 2.5.1 to 2.5.2 from 2.5.2 to .2.5.3  
etc.):Last version in who I did migrate is Plone 2.5.5.But from any 
2.5.x  version step in any 3.x version is impossible for me.Always same 
error: Sorry for possible grammar & typing mistakes.


     Plone Migration Tool at  /simet/portal_migration 

Lets you upgrade this Plone site to newer versions.

Current site version: 2.5.1
File system version: 3.0.3

Note: Please ensure you have a backup of your Plone site before 
performing the
upgrade. Upgrading
sometimes performs a catalog/security update, which may take a long time 
on large
sites. Be patient.

Also make sure you are not doing this upgrade as an Emergency user.

Plone Migration Tool at  /simet/portal_migration 

Result of the attempt...

Dry run selected.
Starting the migration from version: 2.5.1
Attempting to upgrade from: 2.5.1
Registered tools as utilities.
Changed credentials_cookie_path login_path property to 'require_login'.
Upgrade to: 2.5.2-rc1, completed
Attempting to upgrade from: 2.5.2-rc1
Upgrade to: 2.5.2, completed
Attempting to upgrade from: 2.5.2
Added `text/x-web-markdown` and `text/x-web-textile`.
Upgrade to: 2.5.3-rc1, completed
Attempting to upgrade from: 2.5.3-rc1
Upgrade to: 2.5.3-final, completed
Attempting to upgrade from: 2.5.3-final
Set plone GS profile as default
Upgrade to: 2.5.4-final, completed
Attempting to upgrade from: 2.5.4-final
Upgrade to: 2.5.4-2, completed
Attempting to upgrade from: 2.5.4-2
Upgrade aborted
Error type: exceptions.TypeError
Error value: 'NoneType' object is not callable
File "C:\Program Files\Plone 3\Data\Products\CMFPlone\MigrationTool.py", 
210, in upgrade newv,
msgs = self._upgrade(newv)
File "C:\Program Files\Plone 3\Data\Products\CMFPlone\MigrationTool.py", 
321, in _upgrade res =
File "C:\Program Files\Plone
3\Data\Products\CMFPlone\migrations\v3_0\alphas.py", line 123, in
three0_alpha1 installProduct('CMFDiffTool', portal, out, hidden=True)
File "C:\Program Files\Plone
3\Data\Products\CMFPlone\migrations\v3_0\alphas.py", line 616, in
installProduct installOrReinstallProduct(portal, product, out, 
File "C:\Program Files\Plone
3\Data\Products\CMFPlone\migrations\migration_util.py", line 85, in
installOrReinstallProduct qi.installProduct(product_name, hidden=hidden)
File "C:\Program Files\Plone
3\Data\Products\CMFQuickInstallerTool\QuickInstallerTool.py", line 405,
in installProduct portal_setup.runAllImportStepsFromProfile('profile-%s' 
% profile)
File "C:\Program Files\Plone 3\Data\Products\GenericSetup\tool.py", line 
runAllImportStepsFromProfile result = 
File "C:\Program Files\Plone 3\Data\Products\GenericSetup\tool.py", line
1023, in
_runImportStepsFromContext message = self._doRunImportStep(step, context)
File "C:\Program Files\Plone 3\Data\Products\GenericSetup\tool.py", line 
in _doRunImportStep
return handler(context)
File "C:\Program Files\Plone 3\Data\Products\GenericSetup\tool.py", line 
in importToolset
new_tool = tool_class(tool_id)
End of upgrade path, migration has finished
The upgrade path did NOT reach current version
Migration has failed
Dry run selected, transaction aborted


Goran Sljivic,sistem-inzenjer
Metalurski fakultet u Sisku
Aleja narodnih heroja 3
44103 Sisak, p.p. br.1 

Goran Sljivic,system engineer
 University  of Zagreb
 Faculty of Metallurgy

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