[Setup] opensolaris install virtual/bare-metal diary

Christopher Warner Christopher.Warner at nymag.com
Thu Feb 12 18:54:33 UTC 2009

GCC just needs to be installed but works fine for me the only problem is the
zlib/readline/jpeg stuff which I haven't really nailed down.

Basically libz=local, libjpeg=local or readline=local has no affect. They
run their checks and are skipped if you do them all together. If you do just
libz=local it'll work.

Barring that some quick instructions:

Installing Plone 3.x on Opensolaris

Why? What's wrong with Linux, Freebsd etc?

Nothing, Opensolaris just provides ZFS and as far as filesystems go it's
actually pretty great at making sure your data is consistent. So having your
ZODB and content data on an Opensolaris store can't hurt if you are starting
a new project.

1. First install GCC; System/Administration/Package Manager and search for
gcc. Select and install, this will take a couple of minutes depending on the
machine you are working with.

2. Depending on where you want to install Opensolaris and your permissions
on the system you will do ./install.sh standalone or ./install.sh
zeocluster. If you don't know the difference here is a good related overview

Read the instructions under INSTALLATION COMPLETE
Once all is well start Plone /wherever/plone/is/installed

Christopher Warner

Steve McMahon wrote:
> If the Unified Installer failed with a missing gcc message, that
> probably means that the command "which gcc" didn't turn up an
> executable. The most likely explanation is that gcc wasn't on the
> execution path for the invoking user. It's also possible, of course,
> that there's some logical error in the install.sh script in checking
> the "which" results. Let me know if you learn more!
> Steve
> On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 6:10 PM, Dale DeWitt <dewittdale at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I had no problem using the standard 3.1.7 unified installer on an
>> opensolaris/virtualbox/windows.  But when using the same unified
>> installer on opensolaris/bare-metal . . . and a newly downloaded
>> unified installer, the scripts complained of gcc missing which wasn't
>> the case (identical package manager listings).  So the problem wasn't
>> with the installer.
>> I decided to copy the virtual plone instance over the network.  Done.
>> Then the daemon would kick off after saying it had started.
>> Disparate, I decided to force the unified installer on this copied
>> Plone-3.1 Standalone.  It got a few necessary steps in and then
>> logically aborted the installation.  That removed the auto stop cited
>> previous.
>> Voila, an opensolaris bare-metal installation by hook'n crook.
>> Anybody have a more formal logic why bare-metal and the unified
>> installer failed?   I'm hoping this terse diary isn't too vauge.
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