[Setup] Plone 3.2.1 installation error -- Failed to create virtual environment for /usr/local/bin/python

Vijay Sankar vsankar2005 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 13:08:38 UTC 2009

I am trying to install Plone 3.2.1 using setup tools on a non-root account
as follows but the installation fails with the error

"Failed to create virtual environment for /usr/local/bin/python"

$ ./install.sh standalone --with-python=/usr/local/bin/python
Stand-Alone Zope Instance selected

Detailed installation log being written to

Testing /usr/local/bin/python for Zope/Plone requirements....
/usr/local/bin/python looks OK. We'll try to use it.

Rootless install method chosen. Will install for use by system user vsankar

Installing Plone 3.2.1 at /home/vsankar/Plone

Creating python virtual environment...
New python executable in /home/vsankar/Plone/Python-2.4/bin/python
Installing setuptools..............done.

Failed to create virtual environment for /usr/local/bin/python

I installed virtualenv using easy_install but that did not make any

I am using OpenBSD 4.4 and the following packages are already installed:

py-Imaging-1.1.5p2-python2.4 Python imaging library
py-setuptools-0.6c8 simplified packaging system for Python modules
python-2.4.4p7      interpreted object-oriented programming language
python-expat-2.4.4p7 expat module for Python
python-tkinter-2.4.4p7 tk GUI module for Python
python-tools-2.4.4p7 extra tools for Python

Is there anything else that should be installed as a pre-requisite. The
README says that this should work with OpenBSD 4.2 and I tried that as well
with the same results.

Thanks very much,


Vijay Sankar
vsankar2005 at gmail.com
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