[Setup] Re: Replacing Data.fs and Products during Upgrade

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Fri Dec 4 10:21:12 UTC 2009

jdalley wrote:
> I have a production site running on, I'm trying to upgrade it to
> 3.2.x then to 3.3.x. 
> On a second machine for testing purposes, I downloaded 3.2.3, installed it
> via the Windows installer. I copied the Products

Which Products?

Everything including CMFPlone and friends?

If so you are staying on 3.1.5 indeed.

Only move the 3rd-party products not coming with Plone that you
depend on.


> and the Data.fs (Containing
> 3 sites) over to the new 3.2.3 install in the new directory location of
> var\filestorage. 
> When I start Plone up and go to the ZMI it appears after a bit, but then
> something is strange... I go to portal_migrate one of the sites, and it says
> its up to date at 3.1.5... It also says the Plone Filesystem is 3.1.5.. so I
> cannot migrate it to what I thought I just installed (3.2.3). 
> I figure I'll try creating a brand new site, when it finally completes
> (takes a lot longer than usual), I open it up and it says its running on
> Plone 3.1.5 as well! Then I attempted to simply remove all the products I
> copied over (both uninstall and remove them from the products directory), to
> see if that changes anything, but low and behold... then the sites don't
> work of course! so no testing there, migration is still not possible.
> I may have missed a crucial step in this upgrade and migrate process... but
> for the life of me I can't get anything to work properly. 
> Note: I've never used buildout, I have the unfortunate thrill of working
> purely on Windows and thats what I've been using all along.

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