[Setup] Load balancing with ZEO behind Apache on a Win 2.3k server

Alberto Lopes alberto at alopes.com
Tue Sep 30 19:43:08 UTC 2008

Dear Laurence, 

Thank you very much for your response.  It helped me already, but I've still
got some questions, and I hope you can help me learn a little more:

1 - Why does turning off HT help?

2 - In the tutorial:  
Sticky sessions and mod_proxy_balancer  at Plone documentation, it is stated
that I should modify the plone_scripts/setAuthCookie script to set the
stickysession cookie.

But in your code, you simply set it to __ac. Is that cookie already set, or
should I set it again?

Thank you again for your help. 



Laurence Rowe wrote:
> You may be better turning off HT in the bios and running only two zope
> processes. This site was running on linux though so I don't know if the
> same applies in your case.
> When proxying it can be beneficial to set stickysession to the __ac cookie
> so that clients go consistently to the same zope process (so they
> consistently use the same acl_users cache). For best results you probably
> want to run single threaded zope clients, but I don't know if the process
> switching overhead on windows would negate this benefit or not.
>     RewriteRule ^/(.*) \
> balancer://zopes/VirtualHostBase/http/%{SERVER_NAME}:80/plonesite/VirtualHostRoot/$1
> [L,P]
>     ProxyPreserveHost On
>     <Proxy balancer://zopes>
>             BalancerMember
>             BalancerMember
>             BalancerMember
>             BalancerMember
>             ProxySet stickysession=__ac
>     </Proxy>
> Laurence

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