[Setup] Re: plone & zope on ubuntu

Chris Barnes chris at txbarnes.com
Tue Sep 30 14:55:27 UTC 2008

pozitronios wrote:
> Uninstalled it and tried a fresh install using the unified installer. (ref:
> http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/installing-plone-3-with-the-unified-installer/tutorial-all-pages)
> But still cannot load localhost on my browser

Actually, I had a GREAT thought this morning (note: I am NOT the one to 
do this, as I don't have the expertise)

I use VMWare (alot).  On VMWare's website there are hundreds of 
"appliances" - basically a down-loadable (free) image of an OS 
preconfigured for some particular purpose.   Eg: an Ubuntu server w/ 
apache & postfix already installed and configured (configured as much as 
it can be, w/o site specific info).

Thus my idea:
It would be *really nice* to have a VMWare appliance with Ubuntu (or 
Fedora or both) with apache, postfix, and PLONE  (with apache already 
configured to use PLONE).

Question: how hard would this be?  Ie. is there so much configuration 
that it would be prohibitively difficult to create such an appliance?

PS: having it setup to use https would be REALLY nice, but getting 
certificate information might be too much ask in a generic install.

Just thinking outside of the box...

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