[Setup] Zope users and Plone users

Wohnlich, Eric (IMS) WohnlichE at imsweb.com
Fri Sep 26 17:14:58 UTC 2008

I have noticed that when I import a Plone site from a zexp file my Zope
user (I don't know the appropriate term - my user is setup in acl_users
on the root in the ZMI) always receives an error "AttributeError:
getGroups" when trying to see that site. I can get this user from
portal_membership inside the Plone site, but indeed the getGroups method
returns an AttributeError.
This does not seem to happen when I create a new Plone site though
(instead of importing). In fact, I can import site1 and get the
AttributeError, create a new site2, and then no longer get the error on
site1! My guess is that some step is missed to identify users created
outside of portals but when a new site is created Zope is traversed, or
Zope's acl_users is updated in such a way that these users are properly
identified by all Plone portals I have in Zope.
Obviously creating and then deleting a new Plone site every time I need
to import one is not exactly efficient - can anyone provide me with a
better approach to make sure imported Plone sites identify my users

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