[Setup] Recommendation for a certain OS distribution to setup PLONE?

Martin Eliasson martin.eliasson at arstascouterna.org
Tue Sep 23 21:47:19 UTC 2008

I deploy Plone on Ubuntu LTS. Although Plone exists as a package in
Ubuntu, the Ubuntu dist upgrade wont help you, so in practice, I don't
think there is much advantage in that respect compared to other unixes.

Having said that, I moved from Ubuntu 6 to Ubuntu 8 (both LTS) by
creating a new Ubuntu system and copy the data files and using the
migration tools in Plone. It worked pretty well.

I think the most important question is if you want to deploy on a
virtual machine. If you plan to go virtual, a unix system is way better
than a windows system, because with unix you can skip all graphics stuff
wich save a lot of precious memory and saving memory is important when
going virtual.

One of the really big advantages of going virtual is that when you do
complicated upgrades and maintainance, you start by taking and saving a
snapshot of your system. After that, you can simply mess up your system
in any way and still be able to just revert to a perfectly functioning
instance. It has saved my day a few times.

Another advantage of going virtual is that several servers can share the
same backup system. You don't deploy a major website without planing for
some backup. A very cost efficient way of doing backups is to have a
unix system (Ubuntu for example) with Logical Volume Management (LVM) on
the partition where the virtual machines are stored. You can then shut
down all the virtual machines at night, take a LVM snapshot and start
the virtual machines again. Now you can spend the rest of the day or so
backing up the snapshot to some tape or other server. Rsync to another
computer in another part of the town is one cheap solution if you can't
afford tape.


tis 2008-09-23 klockan 10:00 +0200 skrev Sven Zeisberg:
> Dear all,
> I would like to set up a PLONE driven web site for the purpose of  
> providing a public web site for a public funded international research 
> project
> as well as a private Intranet for this international research community.
> Is there any recommendation for a certain operating system / 
> distribution, where the setup and maintenance of the PLONE system will 
> be more easy than others (for example due the fact that install/update 
> packages will be provided in a particular convenient way)? I was 
> considering one of the common linux distributions such as
> Debian or Ubuntu at the moment but this is only an educated guess and I 
> would like to have the opinion of people working with PLONE for a while.
> Thank you in advance for any feedback on this issue.
> Best regards,
> Sven

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