[Setup] Re: Error viewing objects after upgrade from Plone 2.x to 3.x

Maurits van Rees m.van.rees at zestsoftware.nl
Tue Sep 23 19:22:53 UTC 2008

peridoc, on 2008-09-23:
> All the add-ons are updated and the versions are the same in the
> portal_migration.  Everything appears to be working as it should except for
> this.
> I have gotten past the error I mentioned in my first post.  Basically I have
> boiled down the problem to be that the custom views (".pt" files) in my own
> custom product are not showing up as the default view of the object in Plone
> 3.x like they were in Plone 2.x.  Is there anything special I have to do to
> get the custom view to show up when I click on a link to my object?  The
> "view" tab for the object does in fact link to the custom view of the
> object...my problem is when I go to the object the very first time.  For
> example, if my object is called "test" and I click on it in a folder listing
> ("http://plone/test"), I get a basic view in Plone 3.x of the object and not
> my custom template.  If I then click on the "view" tab I go to my custom
> template view of the object.  How do I get the custom template to show up
> when I first click on the object?
> Thanks!  (Sorry if this is confusing...I tried to explain it as well as I
> could)

Go to the Zope Management Interface, then to portal_types.  Compare
the settings on your type with the settings of a type that *does* work
like it should.  Especially the immediate_view property and the

When you are using a GenericSetup profile in your custom product
profiles/default/types/YourContentType.xml should contain something
like this:

 <property name="immediate_view">base_view</property>
 <alias from="(Default)" to="base_view"/>
 <alias from="edit" to="base_edit"/>
 <alias from="view" to="base_view"/>

The '(Default)' alias is the one that gets used when you view the
object directly (so http://plone/test).

I hope that helps,

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