[Setup] All installation procedures broken on Solaris

nathang nathangroupp at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 14:35:33 UTC 2008

Zope version: 2.10.5
Plone version:

The universal installer fails early when trying to execute 'whoami'
The the scripts rely on the '-e' primary. The following quote from the
'test' manual explains the problem:

  -e file                     True if file exists. (Not avail-
                                 able in sh.)
Note: This was discovered after replacing every instance of '-e' with '-f'. 
Before the install script reaches this line, it fails when checking for root
with `whoami`.  'whoami' is installed in /usr/ucb, and is typically not in
root's path. The following explains the situation: 

One problem that people new to the Solaris OS sometimes come across is the
inclusion of /usr/ucb in their PATH. This directory contains programs that
are used to provide compatibility for legacy SunOS 4.x applications and
scripts. SunOS shipped with a C compiler, so /usr/ucb contains cc, which is
a script that invokes the C compiler with command-line options suitable for
generating programs that rely on BSD semantics and behavior. For modern
applications, this is most likely not what we want, so it is important to
make sure that /usr/ucb is after /usr/ccs/bin and /opt/SUNWspro/bin in our
PATH (or perhaps even better, not in our PATH at all).


For a "universal" installer that supposedly supports Solaris, these facts
need to be considered.

The "Plone for all platforms" download is a no-go as well.  The i18n library
is missing from the installation.  I'm currently in the process of hunting
down what other libraries are missing as well. Not a big deal, but the
installation instructions should specify dependencies.

Any ideas on which dependencies are missing from the default install would
be helpful.  I'm about to ditch this project and go with Drupal.



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