[Setup] Having problem with paster

Hamzat Kamal hamzat at dnetsystems.net
Tue Sep 2 12:54:21 UTC 2008

Some few months back I was able to use a tutorial written by Martin Aspeli 
and also his book Professional Plone Dev. to build a Zope/Plone server on my 
winXp laptop. Unfortunately the computer crashed and I was lucky enough to 
retrieve the installation folder which I copied into my new window vista 

After installing python2.4 on my laptop I was able to run my zope/plone and 
continue where I had stopped.

Despite the fact that I have installed easy_install, used easy_install to 
get ZopeSkel on my new laptop and added the directory where easy_install was 
place to my system path I still could not run the paste script. For example 
if I use paster create --list-templates at the console, it will displayed 
'paster' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable 
program or batch file.



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