[Setup] Re: After migration: Trying to rename a folder results always in 'please correct the indicated errors' but there's no indication of whats wrong

Martin Eliasson martin.eliasson at arstascouterna.org
Mon Sep 1 20:48:35 UTC 2008

I have checked and permissions on FileSystemStorage was fine. Any
recommendations on where and how to continue search for the cause of
this problem?

> Martin Eliasson, on 2008-08-25:
> >
> > Hello
> > I have migrated to Plone 2.5.5 from Plone 2.1 . The migration has
> > generally been successfull but now I can no longer add folders or rename
> > existing folders. Plone behaves as if you have supplied wrong or mising
> > information in the form fields of a folder, but it shows no sign of what
> > is wrong. No orange color around the text box with the error.
> >
> > I would appreciate some pointers on how to proceed looking for the cause
> > of the problem.
> >
> > The extra products I'm using are: CalendarX, ATMediaFile, ATPhoto and
> > FileSystemStorage. I have my own workflow defined, but nothing indicates
> > a permission error.
> The one thing that comes to mind is that FileSystemStorage may be
> disallowing you to rename or remove stuff.  But it is a guess.  Adding
> should still be possible though.
> Hm, are the permission settings on the file system the same as on your
> Plone 2.1 instance?  Perhaps the user that is running the zope
> instance is not allowed to write in the directory where
> FileSystemStorage is putting its stuff?
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