[Setup] Plone Linux 2.5.3 Installer Nautilus destroyer problem upon OS restart.

Dale DeWitt dewittdale at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 01:44:07 UTC 2008

The following panel errors occur

"Nautilus can't be used now due to an unexpected error.
Nautilus can't be used now, due to an unexpected error from Bonobo
when attempting to register the file manager view server."

This error results in installing the plone 2.5.3 installer.  And this
companion panel:

"The panel has encountered a fatal error
The panel could not register with the bonobo-activation server (error
code: 3) and will exit.  It may be automatically restarted.
[Box} Force the panel to not be automatically restarted"

Any idea what one must do from here aside from not installing.  This
is using virtualbox ubuntu hardy with safety snapshots.  The error has
been reproduced three times.  And the last install was done from
within opt.  In addition I'm not even sure this is a plone issue, but
it is in one sense.

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