[Setup] Migration from 2.1 to 2.5

aprati pratiandrea at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 08:21:36 UTC 2008

Dear all,
I'd like to migrate an old web site (created with Plone 2.0.5) to 3.1.7.
Following the step-by-step procedure, I firstly updated from 2.0.5 to 2.1
(and the migration went well, even though is  supposed to be the hardest
migration), but now I've some problems in migrating from 2.1 to 2.5. The
traceback is listed below. It seems I'm having problems with a
defaultUser.gif image and a product called PlonePAS.

Please help me
    *   Dry run selected.
    * Starting the migration from version: 2.1
    * Attempting to upgrade from: 2.1
    * Reindexed path index in catalog portal_catalog.
    * Upgrade to: 2.1.1, completed
    * Attempting to upgrade from: 2.1.1
    * Removed plone_3rdParty\CMFTopic layer from all skins.
    * Added 'Rename' contentmenu action to actions tool.
    * Added se-highlight.js to portal_javascipt
    * Removing workflow from Discussion Item
    * Added must_change_password property to member data
    * Upgrade to: 2.1.2-rc1, completed
    * Attempting to upgrade from: 2.1.2-rc1
    * Upgrade to: 2.1.2-rc2, completed
    * Attempting to upgrade from: 2.1.2-rc2
    * Reinstalled PortalTransforms.
    * Upgrade to: 2.1.2, completed
    * Attempting to upgrade from: 2.1.2
    * Removed vcXMLRPC.js
    * Added icons for copy, cut, paste and delete
    * Upgrade to: 2.1.3-rc1, completed
    * Attempting to upgrade from: 2.1.3-rc1
    * Upgrade to: 2.1.3, completed
    * Attempting to upgrade from: 2.1.3
    * Upgrade to: 2.1.4-rc1, completed
    * Attempting to upgrade from: 2.1.4-rc1
    * Upgrade to: 2.1.4, completed
    * Attempting to upgrade from: 2.1.4
    * Installed CMFPlacefulWorkflow.
    * Upgrade to: 2.5-alpha1, completed
    * Attempting to upgrade from: 2.5-alpha1
    * Upgrade aborted
    * Error type: exceptions.AttributeError
    * Error value: defaultUser.gif
    * File "C:\Plone\Data\Products\CMFPlone\MigrationTool.py", line 308, in
upgrade newv, msgs = self._upgrade(newv)
    * File "C:\Plone\Data\Products\CMFPlone\MigrationTool.py", line 416, in
_upgrade res = function(self.aq_parent)
    * File "C:\Plone\Data\Products\CMFPlone\migrations\v2_5\alphas.py", line
24, in alpha1_alpha2 installPlonePAS(portal, out)
    * File "C:\Plone\Data\Products\CMFPlone\migrations\v2_5\alphas.py", line
43, in installPlonePAS installOrReinstallProduct(portal, 'PlonePAS', out)
    * File "C:\Plone\Data\Products\CMFPlone\migrations\migration_util.py",
line 82, in installOrReinstallProduct qi.installProduct(product_name)
    * File
"C:\Plone\Data\Products\CMFQuickInstallerTool\QuickInstallerTool.py", line
333, in installProduct res=install(portal)
    * File
"C:\Plone\Zope\lib\python\Products\ExternalMethod\ExternalMethod.py", line
231, in __call__ try: return f(*args, **kw)
    * File "C:\Plone\Data\Products\PlonePAS\Extensions\Install.py", line
820, in install userdata = grabUserData(portal, out)
    * File "C:\Plone\Data\Products\PlonePAS\Extensions\Install.py", line
296, in grabUserData portrait=mtool.getPersonalPortrait(id)
    * File "C:\Plone\Data\Products\CMFPlone\MembershipTool.py", line 118, in
getPersonalPortrait portrait = getattr(portal, default_portrait)
    * End of upgrade path, migration has finished
    * The upgrade path did NOT reach current version
    * Migration has failed
    * Dry run selected, transaction aborted
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