[Setup] Re: Installing Plone on Windows XP

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 3 14:34:05 UTC 2008

LKB wrote:
> Deb --
> When I tried adding /plone to the URL, I got a browser containing the
> following cryptic text:
> <Products.Five.metaclass.Plone object at 0x06022F70>
> Great.

and what if you go to /Plone instead of /plone?
(or the other way around)

> I am getting close to writing this product off, particularly given the
> vaporware nature of the documentation.


> There is a lot of documentation, but
> very little of the very basic, very specific, "here is how to set this up
> and get started from the most basic level" type information.
> I could be persuaded not to bail if I could get more information,
> particularly from someone who is more experienced than us flailing newbies.
> Sigh.

Have you seen



> deb193 wrote:
>> LKB wrote:
>>> Ok, I tried turning off my existing (prePlone) Apache server, and then I
>>> used the Plone Controller to say "Start Plone", and then clicked on the
>>> button "View Plone..." and THEN I got this page called Zope QuickStart.
>>> Is this progress? I can't even tell. Should I be able to see some kind of
>>> very basic Plone instance? If so, how do I get there?
>> A novice myself, but I do think/agree that Apache and Zope were in
>> contention for port :80
>> IF you are not getting to Zope, I think you could add /Plone to the URL
>> and get to the plone site. When I ran the Plone3.0 installer, it did
>> something to redirect any requests to the root (Zope) to the default Plone
>> instance in /Plone. Sounds like you do not have this. (It caused some
>> other problems anyway when I tried to have multiple Plone instances onthe
>> one Zope instance.)

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