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Thu Jul 31 10:36:52 UTC 2008

I was a long time Bluehost user and I also tried to install Plone. Two main
problems won't allow 
a product like Plone on a shared hosting service.
1) Too much CPU usage - Bluehost will penalize you quickly if you take up
too much bandwidth, and Plone (Zope) likes the CPU.
2) Running the Zope Server as a dedicated service is required. And that
means taking memory for your own exclusive use - another no no in the shared
hosting world.

Bluehost would need to do something like they sorta do for Ruby on Rails.
Have an entrance into the server application. Certainly possible, but would
require Bluehost support and development.

I have commented many times on mattheaton.com (owner of Bluehost) that they
have no upward growth for users. Just shared hosting.

You need a virtual private server or a Plone specific host to run Plone

I have been using SliceHost.com and they are GREAT!! But you need some
experience running a server.

If you get Plone to work well on Bluehost, you will have many followers.

Good luck.

Steve McMahon wrote:
> You're also going to need to be able to configure Apache. Plone isn't like
> a
> PHP app that you can just unroll into a public_html directory. It's a
> whole
> application that will need Apache configuration to connect it to a
> hostname.

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