[Setup] New implementation of Plone on bluehost.com

Jack Mullaney jackmullaney at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 30 03:39:00 UTC 2008

I have subscribed to Bluehost.com which provides cms hosting.  They have support for druple, joomla, and *9* other CMS products, but not Plone!
I would like to add Plone to these!
I have installed Plone on my pc and no prob, but on Bluehost, I'm not sure what to do.Here's what I have:
I have a site (mySite.com) on Bluehost.  They say I can install Plone in my web root directory (mySite/public_html) and I will have admin rights to it.
Their advice is to ftp the 'install zip' into my root, unzip it, run the executable, and that should be that.They run Apache 2.2.9 on unix, and although Plone should work, they will not support me in the installation.
Also, should it matter, they run Python on Linux.
So, what files should I ftp to my root, and which is the executable?

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