[Setup] LDAP: mapping OU matches to plone groups

Bashirodeen Jahed Jahed at sanbi.org
Wed Jul 23 18:14:18 UTC 2008

Hi Tod,

I do not understand your question. By adding a user to a group in AD
and the user account is deleted on the user leaving all his group
associations are removed as well. In other words you do not need to go
through all the groups and remove the user from each individually.

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>>> "Todd, David" <dtodd at irobot.com> 2008/07/23 05:12 PM >>>
Here's the situation: We have LDAP, in the form of Active Directory. I
to be able to tag users with various OU's, so that when I search for
all the
users that match an OU, I get, in essence, a group.

"Aha!", you might say, "Why not just make groups in AD?"

Because when a user leaves the company, All I have to do is remove
those OU
tags from his record, instead of having to modify some number of group

So, my question is how do I get plone to check to see if a user has a
specific OU attached to their record as a method for checking group

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