Re[Setup] flecto and TextIndNG3

gavpw gavinweston at
Wed Jul 23 08:36:57 UTC 2008

My goal is to create a link to an external filesystem and then for it to be
indexed within plone.

Reflecto installed and working. 

TextIndNG3 installed and not indexing.

Other info - instance.log shows some errors on creation of index:

Selected errors:

2008-07-22T14:53:15 INFO txng Content from
knowledge-base/development/perl/perl-docs-perldoc could not be converted to
unicode using the site encoding utf-8

2008-07-22T14:53:15 ERROR txng extract_content failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 114, in index_object
line 94, in extract_content
    icc = adapter.indexableContent(fields)
line 72, in indexableContent
line 88, in addSearchableTextField
    text = self._c(self.context.SearchableText())
line 57, in _c
    return unicode(text, self.encoding)
UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xa0 in position 3179:
unexpected code byte

  File "/opt/Plone-3.1/Python-2.4/lib/python2.4/xml/sax/", line
38, in fatalError
    raise exception
SAXParseException: <unknown>:1:0: no element found
2008-07-22T14:53:35 WARNING txng No converter registered for application/zip

2008-07-22T14:54:46 INFO Archetypes Error while trying to convert file
contents to 'text/plain' in <Field file(file:rw)>.getIndexable() of <ATFile
at /Plone/knowledge-base/implementation/cerillion/installation/Cerillion
Installation -Euphony.doc>: Unable to find binary "wvHtml" in

Seems painful..... indexing is still working in general but as I've said not
for the newly added external filesystem :-(

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