[Setup] i18ndude broke my plone (?)

Michael Mosel mike at experimentelles.org
Fri Jul 4 18:23:53 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,

I am a complete newbie to using zope, plone or i18ndude. I already 
posted to the "plone i18n mailinglist" but unfortunately nobody there 
could help me, perhaps you guys are a more suitable audience.

I have following problem:
I just installed the plone server (version 3.1.2) and zope (version 
3.3.1) under Windows XP, SP3 which works fine. I have been using 
ArchGenXML to translate UML diagrams ('written' with ArgoUML) into 
applications under plone.
Tonight I installed i18ndude (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/i18ndude) 
which installed fine but since then my plone doesn't start anymore. The 
"Plone Controller" (the software under windows with which to 
administrate the plone server) tells me, that the server is still 
running but I don't get any HTML sites... If I type http://localhost:82/ 
into the address bar of my browser (yes, it's really running on port 82) 
simply nothing happens... i only get a white page (just a minute before 
the installation of i18ndude everything worked fine [I rechecked this 
twice ;)]).

I had a look at the logfiles in D:\Programme\Plone 3\Data\log but they 
all look fine: The server starts normally.

Since I am an absolute newbie concerning plone, I don't know what to try 
next. Anyone got useful pieces of advise for me??

P.S.: Could it be related to this problem: 

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