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Sun Jan 20 00:16:41 UTC 2008

yellowbird wrote:
> One thing we're having an issue with is getting Add On Products to show up
> and work.  We followed these instructions "To make new products show up
> here, put them in the directory
> /Applications/Plone-3.0.5/Instance/Products  on the file system, and
> restart the server process"
View the one-liners as hints/reminders, not full instructions ;)

For add-on products, there's a tutorial: 
and for the tutorial itself: there are enhancements in the pipeline. 

but nothing shows up.
The most common omission is, not changing ownership for the add-on product's
directory (and its contents. For Plone 3.0.5 installations produced by the
installer for Mac OS X, owner should be plone so in Terminal, cd to the
directory of the add-on product then

sudo chown -R plone .

Are there known issues?
shows issues relating to Installer (Mac OS X). At the time of writing: only
three, none of them bugs. Howzat? 


If ever you spend much time with add-on products, then take some time out to
acquaint yourself with 'buildout'.


Buildout is a very intelligent approach, which (amongst many other things)
ultimately simplifies the tasks associated with management of add-on

At <> you'll find 'Plone 3.0.5 Unified
Installer Plus Buildout (Experimental)'. IMHO the 'Experimental' label
belies the maturity of the 'Unified' and 'Buildout' approaches.

If you opt for this type of installation, for production service, then at 
/Library/Startup Items 
you should customise the Plone startup item (or a copy thereof) to suit the
path chosen when running the script (there are two typically
preferred paths, based upon a simple choice at script runtime, the most
appropriate path will be used). 

Enjoy :)
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