[Setup] Data Recovery

Terry Corbet tcorbet at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jan 12 02:22:17 UTC 2008

01.  Larry, your expertise is appreciated almost as much as your
conscientious reading and replying.
02.  The old installation, based on 2.5.1, as well as the new one, based on
2.5.5 have good path names that avoid spaces.
03.  The old Data.fs -- indeed the entire contents of the old ..\Data\var
directory are intact.
04.  The first 'gotcha' is that we have no good record of what third-party
Products were installed, but my recollection is that none of them would have
related to the management of the database.  If it is known that it is
essential to reconstitute the Plone/Zope environment, I guess I will have to
try to work through identifying what those Products were, where I found
them, and whether or not they still have versions that will work at 2.5.5.
05.  Doing all the things you suggested -- except trying to reconstitute
Plone/Zope -- I have captured some additional diagnostic information that I
will happily supply if you, or anyone believes that they can find the key
problem -- it's only about 22KB, but I won't trouble the forum if the
contents are not helpful.   To the extent that I understand how to read it,
it does suggest that some missing Product might be the problem:
========Last Three Lines ==============
* Module Products.CMFCore.Expression, line 44, in __call__
    * Module Products.PageTemplates.ZRPythonExpr, line 47, in __call__
      __traceback_info__: portal.portal_cc.isCCType(object.portal_type) and
    * Module Python expression
"portal.portal_cc.isCCType(object.portal_type) and
portal.portal_cc.isCCObject("--".join(object.getPhysicalPath()))", line 1,
in <expression>
========Last Three Lines ==============

Larry Pitcher-5 wrote:
> Since nobody more expert is replying, here goes.
> One note: I've found it best to install Plone on Windows in a folder 
> without spaces in the path. I put it here: C:\Plone2.5. This avoids 
> issues later on that can occur if you install to: C:\Program Files\Plone 
> 2.5.
> I'd save your old Data.fs somewhere safe and and make a copy of your 
> third-party and custom Products. Then uninstall all of your Plone 
> installations. Reinstall with a new Plone-2.5 installer and make sure 
> that you can start it up and access it in your browser.
> Now you'll need to install any third-party or custom Products that you 
> were using in your old site. After that's done shut down your Zope 
> service, either in the Plone gui controller thingee from Enfold, or in 
> your Windows Services manager. Copy your old Data.fs into 
> Plone2.5\Data\var and then restart your Zope service. At this point 
> you'll need to upgrade according to the standard instructions on
> plone.org.
> HTH,

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