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Larry Pitcher unclelarry at inlandnet.com
Fri Jan 11 23:51:01 UTC 2008

Terry Corbet wrote:
> I've read the archives of other similar database recovery problems and
> suggested solutions, but cannot find one that seems to cover my case.
> 01. Last summer we were running Plone 2.5.1 on Windows XP with Zope 2.9. 
> Lots of work spent adding features, tuning learning etc, but then the
> project was put on hold.  I have a good backup of the directory
> Plone2\Data\var, but some uninstall of something on the host is preventing
> restart.
> 02.  Attempt to restart Zope Instance in Services yields:
> Windows could not start the Zope instance at c:|\Plone2\Data
> Event viewer provides these two clues:
> Could not find the service's PythonClass entry in the registry  Error 1814;
> the specified resource name cannot be found in the image.
> Could not locate the module name in the Python class string (ie. no '.')
> 03.  Attempt to run C:\Plone2\Python\pythonw.exe
> "C:\Plone2\XController\wxApp.py" "C:\Plone2\Data"
> "C:\Plone2\Zope\lib\python"  results in:
> The application has failed to start because pywintype24.dll was not found. 
> Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
> 04.  Actually I think my first attempt at recovery has compounded the
> problem.  I did a fresh install of Plone 2.5.5 -- without uninstalling any
> thing.  That install went fine, so I tried to swap out the
> c:\Plone25\Data\var with the old one and restart with my fingers crossed.  
> The error now is:
> An error occured when changing the state of this service and it is now in a
> state that was not expected.
> I am advised to look for additional information in the Event Viewer, but
> this time there is none.
> The long popup error does suggest running in debug mode.
> 05.  I don't seem to find a script in c:\Plone25\Data\bin that specifically
> starts the process in some kind of debug mode, but ever hopeful I find a
> test.bat that runs test.py.  Boy does it, I am about 10 minutes thorugh
> 1098/2272 tests that it is performing.  That must not be debug mode.
> 06.  So, if anyone can suggest a probable way to be able to preserve the
> contents of a 2.5.1 era database after cleaning house and installing a clean
> 2.5.5 Plone/Zope, I would be so appreciative.
> OR,
> If no one is really sure, but does know how to run Plone in 'debug mode' so
> that I can find why startup fails with the older database files, that would
> also be very helpful.

Hi Terry,

Since nobody more expert is replying, here goes.

One note: I've found it best to install Plone on Windows in a folder 
without spaces in the path. I put it here: C:\Plone2.5. This avoids 
issues later on that can occur if you install to: C:\Program Files\Plone 

I'd save your old Data.fs somewhere safe and and make a copy of your 
third-party and custom Products. Then uninstall all of your Plone 
installations. Reinstall with a new Plone-2.5 installer and make sure 
that you can start it up and access it in your browser.

Now you'll need to install any third-party or custom Products that you 
were using in your old site. After that's done shut down your Zope 
service, either in the Plone gui controller thingee from Enfold, or in 
your Windows Services manager. Copy your old Data.fs into 
Plone2.5\Data\var and then restart your Zope service. At this point 
you'll need to upgrade according to the standard instructions on plone.org.


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