[Setup] Re: Workflow worklist import error

Andrew D. Fields Andrew at Divix.biz
Fri Jan 11 05:14:32 UTC 2008

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> Andrew D. Fields wrote:
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>  > I did try that, and it produced something which looks nothing  >
like what
> ArchGenXML produced.
> Hi Andrew,
> sorry, you miss-interpreted my response :-(
> When I said "export the workflow tool using portal_setup"
> I meant this literally. It looks like you used Zope's native XML
> feature which is not what I meant.
> [..]
> Hope this is more fool-proof now ;-)

Uhhh, yeah, I knew that :\

I should have paid more attention to your email. I *have* used that
method before, but totally missed your point.

I have exported it with the portal_setup (correctly) and I get the

<worklist worklist_id="reviewer_queue" title="">
          category="global">Pending reviewer_queue</action>
   <guard-permission>Review portal content</guard-permission>
  <match name="review_state"
         values="pending_prepwork; pending_maint; pending_cleaning;
pending_condition_review; appreview_hold"/>

I think from that I can figure it out.  Thank you very much.

I think some mods may need to be made to ArchGenXML.  
Who should I talk with to send a diff to or to submit changes to?


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